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National Office Systems Inc.

National Office Systems, Inc. (NOS), works with clients to store, manage, and track assets, targeting improvements in efficiency and organization. Our Professional Services Division offers technologies for imaging/digitization to help clients transition their existing legacy documents to digital storage solutions for comprehensive document management. Digital technology allows clients to access information from anywhere! Our global software solution, (SAM), Systematic Asset Management, uses bar code and/or RFID technology to capture chain of custody information regarding the movements of assets/documents within the organization and set up retention/maintenance/destruction schedules for the assets.


NOS offers specialty, space efficient solutions for the storage of physical assets; high density storage systems, touchless lockers, manufactured casework, Library and stationary shelving, industrial pallet rack, IT technical furniture.


Track and store your assets with NOS!

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Karen Adams

P: (703) 606-1740



Joe Alvarez

P: (301) 840-6264


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