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Office Liquidation Solutions

OLS delivers the best liquidation and decommissioning outcomes on time, every time! 


OLS, Office Liquidation Solutions, is the premier regional liquidator specializing in post-move activities.  We help our clients with the sale and removal of commercial furniture and assets and restoration of commercial spaces to meet lease-end obligations.  Since incorporation in 1991, OLS has decommissioned more than 150 million sq. ft. of office interior space and equipment nationwide for companies large and small.  Fortune 500 to 5000 companies, multi-million-dollar data centers, and 1,500 sq. ft. offices.   


Our philosophy is that every project needs to get done!  We put a high level of planning, care, and communication into every aspect of every project, considering questions such as:

  • How do we get your assets out of the building? Does your building allow removal at night?

  • What are we doing with the assets once they are out? Will there be any landfill contribution, or will everything be diverted?

  • What ways of repurposing and reusing assets can be applied before final disposition?

  • Is waste to energy combustion a local option? Can we commit to a Zero landfill, and does it cost more?

  • What can we do with your IT, AV, or MEP?

  • What other lease obligations might you have in the building (e.g., cable removal, wall patching, removal of HVAC)?


Whether your company is reorganizing, downsizing, expanding, relocating, planning an in-house renovation, upgrading equipment, or experiencing an M&A, OLS can assist in achieving your goals. As experts in logistics and creativity our goal is to become a partner, offering complete project turnover for a smooth transition out of their old space and into their new, without having to look back. We also believe that no job is too small or large. If we are not the right company for you, we are happy to refer you to one that can get it done, because that’s what partnership is all about.

Get in Touch

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Scott Cornblatt

P: (301) 296-3104


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