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Haworth makes it. Price Modern makes it happen.

Since 1904, we've been helping companies create inspiring workspaces that enhance their culture, engage their people, and embrace the future.

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Prepare to be Floored

The Price Modern Flooring Division is up and running! With this exciting expansion of our services, we now have you covered from floor to ceiling. Explore our new Flooring website below to know more about our team, capabilities and how we can support your project in its entirety!

Haworth’s Haworth’s Zody:  Unmatched Ergonomic Comfort in Every Posture

Building upon Haworth’s legacy of seating research and expertise, Zody® II delivers
unmatched ergonomic comfort for more people in every posture. The dual posture
option supports sitting and the in-between of sit-to-stand, making Zody II the only
chair anyone needs for a height-adjustable table. In addition to proven performance
and comfort, Zody II is built with sustainability in mind and offers extensive choices
for more design freedom. Also available as the fully upholstered Zody LX model.

Haworth’s Compose Echo: A Workplace System for Today and the Future

 Compose Echo workspaces prove that two worlds can coexist in one space, allowing individual work and team collaboration to happen fluidly. This innovative, modular workplace system creates mobile workstations that move the way you do—with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of workstyles and activities. Easy, intuitive movements give people freedom to quickly change position, posture, and orientation to support their work, personal comfort, and well-being.

Haworth’s Pergola: A Versatile Solution for Designing Dynamic Neighborhoods

Pergola offers a spectrum of materiality choices, and a broad range of space and room solutions that are scalable in performance and application.  Focus nooks, collaborative spaces, and touchdown areas – the versatility of this product offers endless, dynamic solutions. No matter the use, Pergola is easy to specify, install, and reconfigure, and it complements base building architecture without the permanence of construction.

Haworth Partners: A Family of Brands that Continues to Grow

This year Haworth was proud of announce Emeco and Hushoffice as new members of their family of brands. The American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant, and torpedo proof chairs for the Navy. Their products are designed to be light, smart, functional, and strong as their craftsman continue to handcraft products to be passed down through generations. Emeco is leading the industry, exploring, and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture. The partnership with Hushoffice will offer a selection of acoustic pods that complement our Haworth Collection offering of respected brands. Quality engineering and refined acoustical properties benchmark Hushoffice against best-in-class pods. With clean lines, Hushoffice complements the design of existing or new spaces.

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