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milliCare Floor and Textile Care

milliCare has been a proud supporter of CCIFMA since the early 1990s. During this time, we have always been able to say that our company cares for your facility and for the people within it. With so many new challenges facing the Facilities Management profession, this commitment is stronger than ever. Our wide range of services help ensure your space makes a good first impression while also extending the life of your flooring and textiles. Even more importantly, we can help improve indoor air quality and facility hygiene to make your space safer and healthier. We offer maintenance programs for carpet, textiles, tile & grout, and other hard surface flooring, as well as enhanced hygiene services. milliCare employs a holistic, customized approach for commercial facilities that’s highly effective and environmentally responsible.

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Geoff Snavely

P: (301) 552-9659



Elizabeth West

P: (301) 461-4544


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